Project : Bayer Crop Science Limited   
Bayer CropScience is one of the world’s leading innovative enterprise in crop protection, seeds, biotechnology  and non-agricultural pest control.
We have completed three projects with Bayer CropScience at Ankleshwar unit. The typical Project work includes Detail Engineering for chemical batch process plant with DeltaV Emerson system. Each plant has around 1200 I/O capacity. The latest technologies in instrumentation like Fieldbus system, Remote I/O on Profibus/ Modbus technologies,  AMS (Asset Management System)  are part of the project work done by us.
The plant operations are Fully Automated for manufacturing of pesticides for Indian  and export market. The job involves complete specification for  field instruments mostly HART based smart instruments, Foundation Field bus instruments, Remote I/O system for Zone I and Zone II locations and Control system. Technical recommendation for procurement. Complete detailed engineering documentation and supervision for installation and commissioning.

Project : Vidyut Metallic Private Limited


Vidyut Metallic Pvt. Ltd. Is fast growing company in manufacturing of shaving products having manufacturing facility at Thane, Hyderabad and Shogi in India and Mexico, Prague and Dacca.
Project work includes detailed automation for cold rolling mill using Koyo PLC 405 series with 150 I/Os. It is automatic plant for manufacturing of razor blades. Control system of the plant includes main drive, coiler, de-coiler and associated hydraulic system. The complete support for programming and commissioning of the system at Hyderabad plant was given by us.
We have also supported in testing and commissioning of various activities at the Thane site.

  Project: CIBA Specialty Chemicals (Diamond Die-Chem Limited)  
Ciba , part of BASF since April 2009, leading globle company dedicated to producing hafh– value efficets for its customers products. The chemical manufacturing unit at Ankleshwar in Gujarat is for paper products.
 The new specialty chemical facility at Ankaleshwar is 100% EOU. The plant is designed with state-of- art control system and HART based field instrumentation, operated from central control Station.
The DCS system consists of 1400 I/Os, 5 work stations including Zone 1 remote work station in the field., AMS (Asset Management System) and supervisory batch control software. Fully automated plant with batch and recipe control.
Project activities included complete instrumentation system design, Preparation of instrument data sheets and DCS specifications, evaluation of vendor technical offers and technical recommendation. Design and preparation of instrumentation control scheme, detail engineering and installation and commissioning of field instrumentation. The instrumentation system is designed with Intrinsic Safe system design for Handling of explosive chemicals.
Prathit has done complete engineering parenting to Automation, Supply of erection hardware, installation of all instrumentation items including control system, installation supervision and commissioning of the plant instrumentation.
  Project: Sakata Inx  
Sakata Inx India Limited is 100% subsidiary of Sakata Inx Corporation Japan. Sakata Inx engaged in manufacturing of specialty Inx and is a global ink manufacturer.
We have execuated two projects in Sakata one at Bhiwadi Rajasthan and another project at Panoil Gujarat. The Project we have  Executed at Sakata involves complete supply, installation & commissioning of field instrumentation, cable trays, junction boxes and instrumentation hardware along with centralized control system.